The Corebridge Life Insurance Policies in the USA


  • Has 18 different length options for term life insurance, extending as long as 35 years.


  • High number of customer complaints to regulators for a company of its size.

Corebridge life insurance policies

Corebridge offers a range of term and permanent life insurance products, as well as accidental death and dismemberment insurance (AD&D). You can buy policies through AIG Direct, a subsidiary of Corebridge, or through an independent insurance agent.

Term life insurance. Corebridge offers a Select-a-Term life insurance product that can be converted to permanent coverage until the end of your plan level’s premium period (or until the insured individual turns 70). Corebridge offers 18 different term length possibilities — 10 years, any length from 15 to 30 years, or 35 years. Coverage amounts range from $100,000 to over $1 million. Select-a-Term’s accelerated death benefit applies to terminal illness only.

Permanent life insurance. Corebridge offers the following types of permanent life insurance, each with the potential to accumulate cash value:

  • Guaranteed issue whole life insurance, with coverage ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 for applicants ages 50 to 80. Guaranteed issue life insurance doesn’t require a medical exam or health questions to qualify for coverage.
  • Universal life insurance, with flexible lifelong coverage and the ability to adjust the premiums and death benefit.
  • Whole life insurance, with lifetime coverage and locked premiums for the duration of the policy.

Select term, universal and indexed life insurance policies come with Quality of Life coverage, which includes living benefits to cover chronic, critical and terminal illnesses. Some products aren’t available in all states.

Life insurance is a crucial financial tool that provides protection and peace of mind to individuals and their loved ones. In the United States, Corebridge Life Insurance Policies have gained popularity due to their comprehensive coverage and flexible options. In this article, we will delve into the key features and benefits of Corebridge Life Insurance Policies.

What are Corebridge Life Insurance Policies?

Corebridge Life Insurance Policies are insurance products offered by Corebridge Insurance Company, tailored to meet the diverse needs of policyholders. These policies provide financial protection to beneficiaries in the event of the insured individual’s death.

Key Features of Corebridge Life Insurance Policies:

1. Variety of Coverage Options:

Corebridge offers a range of life insurance products to suit different financial goals and preferences. Policyholders can choose from term life, whole life, universal life, and variable life insurance policies.

2. Flexible Premium Payments:

Corebridge Life Insurance Policies typically offer flexible premium payment options. Policyholders can choose to pay premiums monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, depending on their financial situation and preferences.

3. Death Benefit:

The primary purpose of Corebridge Life Insurance Policies is to provide a death benefit to the beneficiaries named in the policy. In the event of the insured individual’s death, the beneficiaries receive a lump-sum payment from the insurance company, which can help cover funeral expenses, outstanding debts, mortgage payments, and other financial obligations.

4. Cash Value Accumulation:

Some Corebridge life insurance policies, such as whole life and universal life insurance, accumulate cash value over time. Policyholders can access this cash value through policy loans or withdrawals, providing them with a source of funds for emergencies, education expenses, or retirement income.

5. Riders and Additional Benefits:

Corebridge Life Insurance Policies may offer riders and additional benefits that can enhance the coverage and flexibility of the policy. Common riders include accelerated death benefit riders, which allow policyholders to access a portion of the death benefit if they are diagnosed with a terminal illness, and waiver of premium riders, which waive premium payments if the policyholder becomes disabled and unable to work.

Benefits of Corebridge Life Insurance Policies:

1. Financial Security for Loved Ones:

Corebridge Life Insurance Policies provide financial security and peace of mind to the policyholder’s loved ones. In the event of the insured individual’s death, the death benefit can help replace lost income, pay off debts, and maintain the family’s standard of living.

2. Tax Advantages:

The death benefit paid out from Corebridge Life Insurance Policies is generally tax-free to the beneficiaries, providing them with a valuable source of funds without incurring additional tax liabilities.

3. Supplemental Retirement Income:

For individuals who choose permanent life insurance policies like whole life or universal life, the cash value accumulation feature can serve as a supplemental source of retirement income. Policyholders can access the cash value through policy loans or withdrawals during retirement, helping to supplement their other retirement income streams.

4. Estate Planning Tool:

Corebridge Life Insurance Policies can also be used as an estate planning tool to help beneficiaries cover estate taxes, probate fees, and other expenses associated with transferring assets to heirs.

Corebridge life insurance rates

Below are monthly rates for a 20-year, $500,000 term life insurance policy from Corebridge. These are sample rates for a nonsmoking man and woman in excellent health — the final quote you’re offered will depend on factors like your age, health, lifestyle, occupation and driving record.

AgeMonthly rate – manMonthly rate – woman

Corebridge Life Insurance Policies offer valuable protection and financial security to individuals and their families in the United States. With a variety of coverage options, flexible premium payments, and additional benefits, Corebridge Life Insurance Policies can be customized to meet the unique needs and goals of policyholders. Whether you’re looking to protect your loved ones, build cash value, or supplement your retirement income, Corebridge Life Insurance Policies provide a comprehensive solution for your financial needs. Consider speaking with a licensed insurance agent to explore your options and find the right Corebridge Life Insurance Policy for you.


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